Supasoka Jackpot Predictions

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There is such a proliferation of traditional online sports betting sites in Zambia that supasoka comes as a bit of a surprise, both in look and feel and the football jackpot market it offers.

The platform is a virtual bombardment of football jackpot action, with seven different pools on offer.

The site is exclusively a soccer and lucky numbers (and keno) portal and while it does not have the appeal of a wide and varied sportsbook, it does what it says in the domain name.

This is a super soccer jackpot site and besides football and lotto-like draws there is nothing else to speak of, and punters who enjoy pool action will enjoy this platform.

The main landing page for is as uncomplicated as counting to three, and is filled with large graphic banners advertising all of their jackpots, keno and lucky number games.

The football jackpots range from one match all the way to a 15-legged feature and all follow the basic tenet of a punter selecting a home win, draw or away win.

The site is further differentiated by offering a sort of accumulator bet format, meaning the punter can click on supasoka15 for example and be able to choose any 15 matches from league action across the world. The player can choose any of hundreds of matches weekly and select 15 outcomes.

The highest prize on offer is for the supasoka15, with a top earning of 150 000 kwacha.

The platform also offers quick picks, which are random computer generated picks dependant on stake placed. There is no advertised minimum bet but if it is similar to all competing sites then it will most probably be one kwacha.

The second highest soccer jackpot is for the 10-leg version with 100 000 kwacha up for grabs for this pool, played in exactly the same format – with a home win, draw or away win outcome to be selected.

There is a supasoka5, which is a five leg jackpot with a maximum win of 15 000 kwacha, a four legged affair with a max win of 10 000, a three leg jackpot with a prize of 7500 kwacha, a two leg pool with a total first prize of 5000 kwacha. There is also a straight one-leg bet with a maximum win of 5000 kwacha.

The terms and conditions as advertised on the site are not very informative with regards to jackpot bet-rules but does feature all the disclaimers and no-pay policies for match cancellations.

There is no mention of consolation prizes on the web and mobi site.

The site is an absolute no frills no fuss opportunity to play the football jackpots and can suit every punter’s needs with regard to how many games they want to play in a single scoop.

To see the fixtures from leagues across the world a newcomer can check out the action by going to the requisite banner and clicking on ‘bet now’. This will open up a separate link page which explains how many matches to choose and from which leagues across the world. The bet slip is on the right hand side of the page and the punter can click on the games they want to include and add in their intended stake.

There are no massive life-changing wins on offer, but there is still plenty to get excited about considering decent pay-outs for low stakes and easier odds (than the 17 leg others offer for example).